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Are you a designer, iOS developer, tweak developer, themer or a user? What do you do when you want to get colour code from photo or icons or whatever, you have to screenshot then export that photo to any app on iOS or on PC then use an eyedrop tool to get the colour code and the process is just painful really. Palette is made for someone like you and makes your life easier really, get colour codes from anywhere within iOS by using the status bar gesture then use the colour picker’s eyedrop tool to get the colour pixel then you can save that colour to your collection or copy the colour code.


Comes with 4 different gestures on the status bar


Add colour codes to your collection,(as many as you want). Then you can browse through your collection and copy the colour code


Palette comes with 200+ colours for the iOS system colour, theres a wide variety of shades of colours and gradients

Colours Codes

You can copy the colour codes for HEX, RGB, Swift, SwiftUI and Objective-C


HTML5 Icon
Supported iPhone on iOS 14 only
HTML5 Icon
Unsupported for iPad


• libTitanD3vUniversal